Thursday, November 06, 2008


Thank You

To all of you who voted for: one party rule in America, a candidate whose skin color was more important than his character content, the foolish notion that our once great democracy needs “changing”, and candidates endorsed by silly pop stars, actors, the liberal media, and nations who hate America.   

You are sheep and you have been led to the slaughter.

To all of you who, by your vote: made me afraid for the first time in my life, played right into the hands of the terrorist around the world who wish us death, put our servicemen and women's lives in even more peril, put in motion plans to dismantle our military, the thing that made America the strongest nation on earth, and will bend and break the Constitution.        

You have succeeded in dousing the last flicker of patriotism.

To each of you who: could care less if those of us who paid your way, have a home, health care, just the bare essentials to live out the remainder of our lives, or wants to take away our savings.

You will bankrupt the system we paid into all those years and leave us sick, diseased, and feeble.

To God: for bringing me into this world, when he did, for all the blessings he has given me, and for the wisdom to realize that no matter what my generation does, it will not stop the destruction of the country I was once proud to call home.     

You have shown your true colors; they are not red white and blue.




Wednesday, November 05, 2008


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