Monday, June 19, 2006



I’ve been trying to get a prescription filled for 12 days now. First, I took it to the pharmacy; “I’ll be back tomorrow to pick it up”.

Five days later; “since you didn’t pick it up right away we had to put it back up so you just have to re-order it.

Three days later; “your insurance company requires pre approval for it to be filled. We faxed a form to your doctor’s office, but they hasn’t faxed it back”. I immediately go three blocks to the doctor’s office; “the pharmacy said they faxed you a form to get pre approval from my insurance company for the prescription the doctor wrote for me on June 7th.

Receptionist: “I haven’t gotten nothing from CVS, what’s your name?” (How could she make that statement not knowing my name?).

“I was just there and they said they faxed it several days ago and the lady said she would refax it a few minutes ago.”

“Just have a seat and I’ll check on it “

“I don’t have time to have a seat; I’ll call in an hour or so, please see if you can find the form”

Today at the pharmacy; “we still don’t have pre approval from the insurance company. Your doctor’s office has to call Blue Cross and…………..”

“Yeah yeah yeah”

At Doctor’s office again: “I was here last week about the doctor getting pre approval for a prescription. The pharmacy said they have faxed the form to you twice”.

Receptionist: “I haven’t gotten nothing from CVS, just have a seat, what's your name and I’ll check on it “

If life were a movie, this is what I would have said:

“My name is hell and if you don’t get off your, wider than the rest of your body, butt and get that form approved and fax it to the pharmacy, I’m going to come to your house for breakfast. And then, I’m going over to CVS and open up a big drum of ugly”.

Life isn't a movie. It's a series of dealings with incompetent people. And you ask me why I blog.

Thursday, June 08, 2006



I’m listening to Ol’ Blue Eyes. Nostalgic? Yeah, I am. Today I heard an old friend just found out he has stage four cancer. This is happening all too often in my life’s autumn. I spoke to him and he has a courageous attitude. No regrets, no desire to prolong his suffering, no desire to be lying somewhere while people parade in and out to watch him ebb away. “I’ve had a good life, and if this is it, so be it” is what he said. His only reason for agreeing to go to MD Anderson in Houston is to buy enough time to get his affairs in order. “I’ve got this house, land, a business and I have no idea what to do with all of it except make sure my family is taken care of”. He said the thing that was amazing to him is the outpouring of calls, messages, and contact from friends and acquaintances. All of us said “if there’s anything I can do, just ask”. If I were him, I would tell all of us to make this not be true. I fear that I would be cynical as hell. All I have to say about this right now is “it sucks”. I gotta go; the bass is thumpin’ the organ is playing, the drum brushes are doing a shuffle, and Francis Albert is singing “That’s Life”.

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